Adore Me Review from

Marissa Hastings, the blogger behind, shared her recent shopping experience in this Adore Me review. Marissa writes about the difficulties many small-breasted women face when shopping for bras – limited selection, only push-ups available, and trouble finding just the right fit.

To help her find that perfect fit, Marissa scheduled a session at Adore Me’s NYC showroom to try out the expansive range of sizes and selection. What she found was that she “actually had trouble deciding what I wanted to keep because there were so many styles that fit. Whoa. This just goes to show you that if your bra isn’t fitting properly, it’s not you that’s the problem – it’s the bra.”

Adore Me caters to women of all sizes by offering a range from 30A to 44G. Marissa’s review also praised the quality of the lingerie at an affordable price, as well as a much wider selection of styles and colors of bras in smaller sizes – something she’s had trouble finding elsewhere.

Adore Me Review from

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