How Optimove Improved Adore Me’s Growth Strategy

When Adore Me wanted to more effectively and proactively email their customers, they turned to Optimove for the right tools. This tech savvy move allowed them to automate email segmentation, both saving their staff time and converting more emails into sales.

Optimove’s system allowed Adore Me to separate their email lists into categories by behaviors instead of typical specifications such as ZIP code or age. This led to more personalized emails which in turn led Adore Me to grow their existing customer base by 2.3 times over the ten month period since they began using the new system.

Personalized emails were a big differentiator for Adore Me, and tips such as sending former VIPs multiple follow-up emails after they’ve opted out ultimately led to more than a quarter of customers reactivating.

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How Optimove Improved Adore Me’s Growth Strategy