Adore Me Partners with EmpathyBroker

Adore Me recently partnered with EmpathyBroker to ensure that customers could more easily find exactly which bra they were searching for. By using knowledge and empathy when gathering behavior patterns from customers, EmpathyBroker was able to increase a measurement they refer to as findability for Adore Me products. Findability is a tool that indicates the success of a particular site search and is measured across all channels (web, mobile, etc.).

This led to increased conversions and revenue as the results were more catered to exactly what customers were hoping to find. Another key takeaway is that users searching for an item within a site’s search engine have a higher intention to purchase the item they’re hoping to find.

For more information, read the Adore Me case study by EmpathyBroker.

Adore Me Partners with EmpathyBroker

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