Brands Capitalize on Instagram

Over the past few years, Instagram has grown to be the platform that brands and marketers are racing to capitalize on. While many brands have been successful, some struggle to understand how to best use the platform. Adore Me partner, Yotpo, uncovered key reasons behind Instagram’s success.

  • As opposed to a classic brand advertisement, Instagram shows products being used in relatable scenarios. Instagram pictures tend to be aspirational and the best moments of someone’s life, showing us things that we wish we had.
  • Instagram has a high conversion rate because customers trust images that are from previous customers more than typical ads and branded images.
  • Producing quality Instagram photos can increase efficiency if marketers repurpose the content. Instagram photos can be used in marketing materials, on a website, and on product pages.

A few brands that have conquered Instagram are Braithwait, Adore Me, and Pura Vida. These brands have captured dynamic and authentic photos and then displayed them across their websites and on product pages. For more great examples on how you can improve your brand’s Instagram presence, read Yotpo.

Brands Capitalize on Instagram

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