Brands Capitalize on Instagram

Over the past few years, Instagram has grown to be the platform that brands and marketers are racing to capitalize on. While many brands have been successful, some struggle to understand how to best use the platform. Adore Me partner, Yotpo, uncovered key reasons behind Instagram’s success.

  • As opposed to a classic brand advertisement, Instagram shows products being used in relatable scenarios. Instagram pictures tend to be aspirational and the best moments of someone’s life, showing us things that we wish we had.
  • Instagram has a high conversion rate because customers trust images that are from previous customers more than typical ads and branded images.
  • Producing quality Instagram photos can increase efficiency if marketers repurpose the content. Instagram photos can be used in marketing materials, on a website, and on product pages.

A few brands that have conquered Instagram are Braithwait, Adore Me, and Pura Vida. These brands have captured dynamic and authentic photos and then displayed them across their websites and on product pages. For more great examples on how you can improve your brand’s Instagram presence, read Yotpo.

Brands Capitalize on Instagram

Adore Me Partners with Nordstrom

Since its inception, Adore Me has made a name for itself from its online subscription model. While Adore Me is still an e-commerce brand, they have also started the move to brick and mortar locations. They began the transition this spring when they opened a show room at their NYC headquarters.

The second move came this June when Adore Me partnered with Nordstrom. A selection of Adore Me merchandise is now available in select Nordstrom stores and online. Camille Kress, Adore Me’s head of business and brand development, told Racked, “Partnering with Nordstrom is a way to reach more people offline, while strengthening the brand’s credibility in the fashion industry.”

The company hopes to provide customers with both a traditional retail experience while continuing their internet subscription model.

Adore Me Partners with Nordstrom

Getting Involved in the 2016 Olympics

The long awaited 2016 Summer Olympic games begin August 5th and audiences will be flocking to social media to follow and discuss the events. This creates a great opportunity for brands to get in the spirit of the games and engage with their audience. Nanigans covered tips on how to get your brand involved in the excitement and energy of the games.

  • Get involved by participating in Olympic themes and finding creative ways to tie in your products.
  • The Olympics run all day and can be followed on various devices so it’s important to have timely messages on the proper channels.
  • Certain areas and nationalities will be watching certain events. Focus on targeted ads that reach the right audiences at the right time.
  • Create a natural continuation of the audiences’ viewing experience by leveraging video.

Get full details and examples on the Nanigans blog.

Getting Involved in the 2016 Olympics