The Importance of Customer Trust

Yotpo recently covered what it takes for e-commerce sites to gain customer trust. The best way for brands to earn sales is not by overt marketing but by gaining a customers trust in the brand. Brands need to build trust so customers buy today and keep coming back in the future. Here are some tips from Yotpo on how to build trust.

  • Use social platforms to receive reviews from customers. When a potential customer sees that someone they know shops a brand and recommends it, that potential shopper is more likely to buy.
  • With a number of scam e-commerce websites, customers are afraid their money will disappear or the quality won’t be as high as it appears on the website. Provide detailed descriptions so customers know what they will be getting.
  • The design of an e-commerce website will tell the customer instantly if they can trust the brand or not. A brand’s website needs to communicate authenticity, credibility, and customer safety.

Check out the whole post here.


The Importance of Customer Trust

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